Life in prison at the time of COVID-19. What impact has the pandemic had on conditions in Italian prisons?

Sadly, Covid-19 knows no boundaries and, as was to be foreseen, it found its way into prisons across Europe. We asked Perla Allegri to give us a brief overview of the situation across Europe. Perla Allegri is a researcher at the Fundamental Rights Laboratory of the Collegio Carlo Alberto in Turin, which aims to examine the issues relating to the lived reality in Italy against a European and international framework. An expert in penitentiary subjects, Allegri has a PhD in Rights and Institutions and she is a sociologist of law and deviance. In Italy, the first cases in prisons were
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Upskilling prisoners is key to reintegrate them into society and work

Victor Hugo once said: “He who opens a school door, closes a prison”.  What does this mean? What is the added value of education programmes in prisons in the 21st century? “Victor Hugo’s famous words are still very relevant today. Education offered in prisons is a way to empower individuals by offering them new skills, knowledge about basic and advanced competences the lack of which may have contributed in directing them to deviance and crime in the first place. Many studies show that a significant proportion of men and women in prisons are low-skilled.  Nearly half of them have no
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