Upskilling detainees in European prisons: what have we learned from the COVID-19 pandemic and what does the future look like?

CUP organised a live online event to mark the International day for education in prisons on 13th October 2020. Experts from CUP member countries shared stories of the impact of COVID-19 on their work inside and outside prisons and reflected on the future of prison upskilling programmes in a post-COVID world.   The COVID-19 pandemic hit penitentiary institutions around the world with unexpected force. The virus put a halt to everyday activities in prisons and resulted in unprecedented containment measures. As security was bolstered, penitentiary administrations had to find innovative ways of ensuring detainees were not entirely isolated from the
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Working with detainees in a balanced, person-centred way to fight COVID-19 in Cyprus’ central prison

Athena Dimitriou, Deputy Director of Cyprus Prisons, describes to CUP’s Eleni Takou how the pandemic affected everyday life in Cyprus’ central prison.   Firstly, I was wondering whether you could tell us a few things about your daily work routine prior to the pandemic and how it has now changed amid the pandemic. “Not many things changed in my daily life, in fact during the period of the coronavirus we worked harder and at a more intense pace. Even though there was a curfew, we would stay up late at night so that the necessary protective measures would be issued
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Following protocols in an orderly way and fostering communication between detainees and staff enabled the Penitentiary Institution in Vught, The Netherlands, to deal with Covid-19

Wendy, the Deputy Director Care in Vught’s Penitentiary Institution (PI) in the southern part of The Netherlands tells CUP about how they managed to cope with the Covid-19 outbreak in the prison and how the pandemic actually helped strengthen trust between staff and detainees. See our infographic for more information on the situation in Dutch prisons and in PI Vught.    What is your job description? What was your work routine before the pandemic? “I work full time as Deputy Director Care in a Penitentiary Institution (PI). An important element of this PI is the psychiatric centre. There, we house
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How day to day life changed in Greece’s largest prison psychiatric hospital in the time of Covid-19

The CUP project interviewed Maria Stefa, a Social Worker at the Korydallos Prison Psychiatric Hospital, about the reality of the Covid-19 pandemic in the prison context in Greece. Korydallos Prison is the largest and more central prison in Greece and it was at the centre of attention during that period. The full text of the interview is published in Greek at the bottom of the page, and a shorter adaptation in English.    Could you tell us a little bit about your work in general? What was your daily work routine prior to the pandemic? My name is Maria Stefa
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